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Remote monitoring and machine learning.

Allowing engineers to collect insights from the machines.

I had the pleasure to work on a super interesting project which is a remote monitoring and machine learning tool which allows engineers to collect insights from the machines. The redesign process was to facilitate and make it an easier-to-follow experience for engineers to get insights from the machines on the go.

Collect insights
from the machines.

Engineers needed a quick way to get insights from the machines and their location. They were always on the go, so we needed to create an experience that was fast and easy to navigate.

Complex data
experienced as a breeze.


Our solution was to enhance the user experience by making complex data feel like a breeze. We’ve made tons of versions for how the data should be displayed in a clear and concise way so that engineers could easily browse around the stats.

Seeing more
made super simple.

Although we knew that engineers are used to analyzing complex data we’re still pushed for creating the same easy to use and follow experience.

Seamless experience
across various devices.

Most of the time engineers are using this on mobile and tablets but we needed to create a desktop experience because sometimes during internal meetings engineers needed to present stats about the machines.

Behind the scenes.
The user flows.

We created this by restructuring the experience based on the importance of the elements. This included numerous iterations on the user flows and wireframes. Then we continued with the high-fidelity prototypes and again few iterations until we got to the desired outcome.

This was just an introduction. If you want to hear the whole story, please say “hello” to me.


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