Introducing the “perspective view” in e-commerce.

A possible way to browse quicker than the classic list view.

Probably you already know about Amazon, AliExpress and other huge e-commerce websites.

For example, if you browse on Asos for men t-shirts you would see like 5090 products. Imagine, how exhausting and stressful might be to browse all those pages. Also, imagine how many Amazon and AliExpress might have.

Usually if you find something that you like on the first few pages you are pretty much done with it.

So how can we encourage people to browse through the other pages without leaving the website too early?

This can help both the seller and the customer.

I call it the perspective view.

Instead of scrolling through dozens of pages and see something like two rows and 5 columns of products which means roughly about 5–20 products per screen, depending on the screen sizes, using the perspective view you can easily see like 100–200 at once.

Here’s an example of how you can navigate through the products:

You can easily browse around through dozens of products super fast and easy and if something “pops out” you can easily zoom in and see more details about that specific product. Also, as you see in the previous example we can easily switch to the classic list view when we want (top right buttons).

How easy it is to browse around?

As you see, as soon as we start to zoom-in the bottom navigation appears and it gives the more control over a specific look.

Thank you for reading!

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